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Let us outdo your last order. Our friends over at 1on1 Clothing came to us in search of better quality–so we gave it to them!4-edit


This is the original rashguard (above) that 1on1 gave to us that he wanted to recreate. We explained to them what was going on and why he was so unhappy with it. Whoever made this for them the first time used the wrong silver material for this particular project and textile, which is why it shrunk and shriveled. And the “MMA” was so badly cut, the lettering became jagged. We adjusted the colors, cut out what he wanted, and bam! Magic was created:

So fresh and so clean, right? We at Decal Spec think such great material deserves quality print. Let’s not forget the actual rashguard. Thick, durable, and specifically designed for everyday training and competition. Are you still planning on reaching your workout goals for 2014? Start with gear like this that you can trust to keep you comfortable.Old3

Few days later, our friends at 1on1 brought over some pullover hoodies they wanted re-done. Here’s what they brought us:

Not bad right? Until you get a comparison to what we did for them:

They’re complaint with their original product was that the colors weren’t saturated and long-lasting. On top of that, all of the letters developed “fuzz” after the first wash, which are both common problems with a bad screen printing job. We handed 1on1 their new pullover hoodies, and the bond was sealed. The opaque white and metallic silver were noticeably superior–because that’s the Decal Spec way 😉
Give 1on1 Clothing a look; try out their new rashguards and pullover hoodies; and let us know what you think.

So while you guys look in your closet for old favorite shirts and jackets that you want a fresh, new version of, we’ll be brewing up new promotions and giveaways for our followers. Want to see the current car wraps, decals, and other apparel being created? Get excited and stay tuned, and let us know your thoughts! Don’t forget to like our Facebook and follow us on Instagram/@decalspec to hear all about our future projects and freebies for you guys! We appreciate all you do for us at Decal Spec!

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Screen printing on Gildan pullover hoodies and custom imprinted rashguards to endure functional use in and out of the gym, on or off the mat.

Quality over quantity is truly hard to define and see as a customer when it comes to screen printing and custom apparel.  1on1 was pulled in by numbers by their previous vendor and couldn’t delivery on quality.  We want our customers to be proud of our their products and feel strongly about their quality.  We believe in providing the highest quality possible.

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