A little about how Decal Spec started

It was around the beginning of 2005 towards the end of college and I wanted to do something different from my major on the side and for fun. I bought a plotter from a friend who showed me how he used his to make stickers for his car and some car clubs in his area. So that was our very first piece of equipment…Due to our passion for cars and making decals, our name came up. “Decal Spec”

ESM Wheels Vehicle Wrap

Our project for ESMWheels / EurostopUSA / DTMFiberwerkz
It was crunch time and SEMA was coming within a week. EurostopUSA / ESM Wheels custom wide body E30 fitted with DTMFiberwerkz parts and ESM Wheels new line of forged wheels was still being dressed and being put together so we had to trek up to them design on the fly and install on the fly and trying to be as efficient with time and drive as possible.