Peter Chun Twenty Something

On our end, keeping up with all of our projects so that our viewers can follow along with our business’s growth deems difficult time-wise. As our small company grows, we continue to work countless hours with many start ups, established businesses, rising artists and all other sorts of industries in making their visions become reality. It reminds us how Decal Spec began, and why we are building for bigger.

So Cal Vintage BMW – 5th annual show 2012

So Cal Vintage BMW is one of the most active group’s I’ve ever come across within it’s community in or out of California. Through out the year John hosts and organizes different activities, from drive events, autocross, canyon runs, picnics and every year it leads to the annual So Cal Vintage BMW meet at Woodley Park in October each year. We were fortunate enough to be able to participate as a part of the community and a vendor, it’s always a pleasure working with So Cal Vintage BMW.

Koss Resource’s pristine trade show booth

Working with Koss Resource and their staff was a pleasure, and we’re definitely looking forward to working with them again in the future. We were impressed by the craftsmanship and finishing of their trade show booth in Las Vegas. Definitely had touches from a person of detail and a Finish Carpenter. If you’re planning on participating in an event or are trying to advertise yourself, let Decal Spec in on your projects and we’ll show you what we can do for you with just a little creativity and a whole lot of ink.