Month: March 2014

Welcome to 2014...

It’s tax time for us and I’m sure for many others. It has been a great start and we thank everyone that has made this possible. It’s been less than 6 months since we’ve moved and opened up our Brick and Mortar in Buena Park, CA. We will definitely try to keep the site updated on new, current and past projects with as many pictures as possible. To show we aren’t just a print company or just a wrap and decal company, but a Print and Design Studio who enjoys the challenge and truly into your project and whatever it entails.

March 24th, 2014

Posted by Neil

Decal Spec Vinyl...

It’s been buzzin and we’ve been excited about our new Brick and Mortar in Buena Park. We’ve been preparing to do a promotion to benefit both our team and our customers. We want to show our customers and their audience our dedication and quality, and will help new members of the team.

March 21st, 2014

Posted by Neil