A little about how Decal Spec started

Posted by Robert

It was around the beginning of 2005 towards the end of college and I wanted to do something different from my major on the side and for fun. I bought a plotter from a friend who showed me how he used his to make stickers for his car and some car clubs in his area. So that was our very first piece of equipment…Due to our passion for cars and making decals, our name came up.  “Decal Spec”

It was all fun and games until referrals started coming around unexpectedly. I just did this for fun and some cash on the side, but never expected it to really generate a buzz. We were just learning and didn’t know what we were getting into, literally just a small fry in a huge pond of big fish.

We weren’t used to the volume or the pricing involved, let alone the labor to some of the stickers, designs and signs we were getting into. But it was still fun and we kept at it, till this day we still learn new things.

I’ll keep adding to this story as we get along, as for now…we are very happy to finally have a functioning site where we can reach out to our supporters, customers and clients. We’re still here from unexpected referrals to who knows what. We value what we do, and want you to see the value in it.

ESMwheels and DTM Fiber, Eurostop USA

ESMwheels and DTM Fiber, Eurostop USA