Decal Spec Honda S2000 wrapped in Matte White (Vehicle Wrap) #DoYouWrap

Posted by Neil

Project: Honda S2000 – Silverstone

#DecalSpec: #DoYouWrap – Vehicle Wrap

We started with Car Decals for car clubs, then to signage and then incorporating screen printing for apparel.  Decal Spec grew organically, through passion for what we do, and who we do it for.  We’ve grown through our customer base and our interests in them.

We are Car Enthusiasts, not only do we enjoy what we do.  We get into it a bit too much sometimes and always give the same care to our customers’ cars as we would with our own.

This was a complete project, took approximately 24-30 hours.  Included a full detail prior to wrap, then a tear down of all necessary parts.  (Door handles, Side View Mirrors, Rear Bumper, Head Lights, Tail Lights, Front Bumper, Front and Rear Spoiler)

Photographer: Earl Delorito
Car: Honda S2000, Original Color: Silverstone
Wrap: 3M Matte White & 3M Brushed Metallic Black (Trims)

s2k-6371s2k-6367 s2k-6349 s2k-6342 s2k-6340 s2k-6335  s2k-6327  s2k-6307  s2k-6392 s2k-6375\

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