ESM Wheels Vehicle Wrap

Posted by Robert

Our project for ESMWheels / EurostopUSA / DTMFiberwerkz
It was crunch time and SEMA was coming within a week.  EurostopUSA / ESM Wheels custom wide body E30 fitted with DTMFiberwerkz parts and ESM Wheels new line of forged wheels was still being dressed and being put together so we had to trek up to them design on the fly and install on the fly and trying to be as efficient with time and drive as possible.

Enjoy some of the shots we were able to get during the install and some shots of finishing touches.


ESM-Wide-Body-0648-s-front-1 ESM-Wide-Body-0633 ESM-Wide-Body-0632 ESM-Wide-Body-0631 ESM-Wide-Body-0713 ESM-Wide-Body-0701 ESM-Wide-Body-0699 ESM-Wide-Body-0662 ESM-Wide-Body-0648 ESM-Wide-Body-0645 ESM-Wide-Body-0642 ESM-Wide-Body-0639 ESM-Wide-Body-0713 ESM-Wide-Body-0711 ESM-Wide-Body-0705 ESM-Wide-Body-0703 ESM-Wide-Body-0701 ESM-Wide-Body-0699 ESM-Wide-Body-0630 ESM-Wide-Body-0631 ESM-Wide-Body-0642 ESM-Wide-Body-0639 ESM-Wide-Body-0636 ESM-Wide-Body-0635 ESM-Wide-Body-0633 ESM-Wide-Body-0632 ESM-Wide-Body-0645 ESM-Wide-Body-0646 ESM-Wide-Body-0648 ESM-Wide-Body-0653 ESM-Wide-Body-0657 ESM-Wide-Body-0658 ESM-Wide-Body-0675 ESM-Wide-Body-0674 ESM-Wide-Body-0677 ESM-Wide-Body-0684 ESM-Wide-Body-0687 ESM-Wide-Body-0688 ESM-Wide-Body-0689 ESM-Wide-Body-0690