Peter Chun Twenty Something

Posted by Neil

On our end, keeping up with all of our projects so that our viewers can follow along with our business’s growth deems difficult time-wise. As our small company grows, we continue to work countless hours with many start ups, established businesses, rising artists and all other sorts of industries in making their visions become reality. It reminds us how Decal Spec began, and why we are building for bigger.

Our most recent project includes the young and aspiring producer/song writer, Peter Chun. In short, he’s one heck of an interesting and talented character to work with. After getting to know this guy, we can tell he’s passionate about what he does–and that’s what we love to hear. Like most starting businesses, his gateway into the music industry includes debuting his work, which we helped him do at the Glass House in Pomona on July 11, 2013. His first album, “Twenty Something,” is now available for download on bandcamp and will soon be available on iTunes. If you’re into the whole contemporary/acoustic/soft-rock scene, you’ll dig what he’s written and produced himself. Don’t wait to check it out!

The project consisted of posters for his fans and kick starter donors, a custom label for his vinyl-looking CDs, jewel case inserts for the front and back and some branding stickers that will come with a limited quantity of CDs. Slaving away night and day on this album on both the musical and material sides gave way to a successful release of “Twenty Something.” To say the least, we’re proud of what he and Decal Spec have accomplished together, and we hope all of his fans enjoy it as well.

Let us know if you’re an aspiring artist waiting for a print company to take care of your needs. We’ll help you out! 😉 If you’d like to take a look at what Peter has created, his album is available for a free download here. And if you’d like a physical copy to keep for yourself or to help you cruise in your car (or to just stare at the fine print job Decal Spec has done), don’t hesitate to give us a ring or a buzz, and we’ll send one your way for a small price!

Thank you, again, for the opportunity, Peter. We hope you the best on all of your future endeavors.

-Decal Spec