The Sign Painter – VIMEO (video)

Posted by Neil

The Sign Painter

Although we came into this business at a time when Sign-Painters were still more commonly used and now not so much.  We love and respect craftsmanship, our blogs are meant to describe and communicate some of our work, our passions, our projects and simply to spread stay as active as possible.  Similar to Sign Painters, vinyl and digital print might strictly be an LED sign, digital monitor or some kind of live and interactive media that can be changed through the wire or “over the air” … technology is rapidly moving, but watching this video was nostalgic to us and somewhat communicates, we enjoy what we do…

Credits: York),

We, Decal Spec are a Southern California based company.  Our Brick and Mortar is located near the Los Angeles and Orange County Border, in Buena Park, CA.  Print and Design Studio that dabbles in all sorts of projects and types of clientele, with experience in various industries.