So Cal Vintage BMW – 5th annual show 2012

Posted by Neil

So Cal Vintage BMW is one of the most active group’s I’ve ever come across within it’s community in or out of California.  Through out the year John hosts and organizes different activities, from drive events, autocross, canyon runs, picnics and every year it leads to the annual So Cal Vintage BMW meet at Woodley Park in October each year. We were fortunate enough to be able to participate as a part of the community and a vendor, it’s always a pleasure working with So Cal Vintage BMW. Their site:

SoCalVintage-24 SoCalVintage-23 SoCalVintage-22 SoCalVintage-21 SoCalVintage-20 SoCalVintage-19 SoCalVintage-18 SoCalVintage-17 SoCalVintage-16 SoCalVintage-14 SoCalVintage-13 SoCalVintage-15 SoCalVintage-12 SoCalVintage-11 SoCalVintage-9 SoCalVintage-42 SoCalVintage-41 SoCalVintage-40 SoCalVintage-39 SoCalVintage-38 SoCalVintage-37 SoCalVintage-36 SoCalVintage-35 SoCalVintage-34 SoCalVintage-33 SoCalVintage-32 SoCalVintage-31 SoCalVintage-30 SoCalVintage-29 SoCalVintage-28 SoCalVintage-27 SoCalVintage-26 SoCalVintage-25

  SoCalVintage-8   BMW e21 / 2002 loveSoCalVintage-7 BMW e21 (320i ???)  Alpina SoCalVintage-6 SoCalVintage-5 SoCalVintage-4A Nice e30 with M-tech 2 kit SoCalVintage-3 Alpine E30 M3SoCalVintage-2 SoCalVintage-1