Custom Accents on Chevy Camaro SS

Posted by Neil

A client came in with his red Chevy Camaro SS and asked us for creativity, something different. Our team came up with some pretty sick results that caught our customer by surprise:

We used Satin Black finish from 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 (3M Source), and it looked absolutely beautiful on this American muscle (click to enlarge photos).

Per our customer’s request to make his car look as different and as bold as possible, and specifically something he couldn’t get with any dealer, we started out by taking apart the front bumper and defining the smooth lines of the car by wrapping the two side panels of the hood.  And for an added bonus we embossed a SS / SuperSport logo right above his functional hood vents. The once-chromed grill trim and bumper details right below the headlights became a sleek and sexy satin black as well.

Continuing to follow the body lines of the car, the side skirts and running board, quarter panels, rear bumper, trunk, and decklid spoiler were detailed satin black. And of course, with the Decal Spec touch, the SuperSport logo was again embossed on the trunk with a red SS offset within the embossed satin black logo.

The reasons behind using satin black for this job instead of matte black are absolutely undeniable. If you want a little sheen to your car, but not to the point of a glossy finish, this material would definitely be one to look into. Ask us about pricing and even a quote for your car. We’re always excited for projects that require our creative input!

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Car: 2014 Chevrolet / Chevy Camaro SS, Crystal Red Tint Coat

3M Wrap Film Series 1080, Satin Black

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