Why Paint when you can WRAP your car ?

Posted by Robert

Whenever we get a new customer they always ask, why would I wrap when I can paint ?

  • If you decide to resell your car later along the line, a custom paint job may lower the value of your car.
  • Paint jobs are permanent, and from our experience a proper paint job can be very costly ($3000+)
  • Wraps are not a permanent solution to changing the look of your car, but for the time being and then you can change it!
  • We believe in small details, and sometimes the small details can make a difference in how you feel and look at your car.

Check out 3M’s article on wrapping over paint – http://bit.ly/YyDyvX

We use 3M Scotchprint 1080 Series Wrap Film! Here’s the color selections we have available.  We do not like to stock vinyl for long periods of time, our wrap vinyls fresh out o the bag!

Color selection we have available in our 3M 1080 Series (Picture below)


1080 ChipChart

(Special Patterns and uncommon colors are ordered upon approval of project, we may have excess from a recent project.  To maintain the use of fresh vinyl, we wanted to let you know)